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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 CE

Skepticism also deserves respect. Silence does not provide it.

This is my comment to one of the posts in

This was an excellent summary. I agree that in a civilized society, if there is a significant number of people who is distrustful (20% in this case, they say), assurances have to be provided. These have to be given to us by the mainstream media. I am from Peru, South America. In 2000, I witnessed an incredible fraud perpetrated by the president then, Alberto Fujimori, who ruled like a dictator, with democratic appearences. The exit polls told us that he had lost the election 48% to 40%. However, hours after, the official counting showed a change towards him. He won 49% of the vote against 41% of the challenging candidate. People rushed into the streets of Lima, including me, to protest. You can also see the example of the Ukraine. My message is, to everyone and specially to the mainstream media, that we should respect the people who are skeptical and provide the required answers. I nothing happened, thats fine, but show it

Dr. Marco

In that occasion the mainstream media broadcasted talkshows and old series instead of telling us what happened.


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