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Friday, May 19, 2006 CE

The Da Vinci Code outrage: It is about sex again

The reason for the downgrading of sex to the level of immorality by the Christians has been always a mystery for me. It has been such a mystery that I blogged about it a couple of months ago in an attempt to find some answers. Today, we are witnessing the attempt to boycott the movie above mentioned by the Catholic Church.

The main issue arises about the claim that there might be a surviving bloodline among us coming directly for Jesus. The problem is that, in order to achieve a bloodline, you must have sex. Christianity has always equated sex with impureness. Jesus had to be pure, so he could not have had sex. But, what if we question the first premise? The conclusion becomes meaningless, so it should not matter if Jesus had sex or if he did not. He still would be a deity, a wise man, a flawless mythological character or whatever you choose to call him.

We always have had sex, at least since we are pluricellular beings. Even plants have sex in their own way. Sex is almost as common as eating, breathing, excreting wastes, being born or dying. It is part of life. There is no point in demonizing sex. Even the people who preach against it, end up having it, legally or illegaly.

I do not really mind if there is a bloodline for Jesus or not. I am not even completely sure if he existed. What worries me is that today, in the 21st century we still want to beleive things that are far from logical, we still want to name ourselves sinful and carriers of a "original sin" just because we were created from sex.
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