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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 CE

Monitoring Peak Oil Number 3

Oil Production: May 2007: 84.94 millions of barrels per day.
There is a dip in the production of oil. The IEA report states that Nigerian decrease in supply is partially to blame. What is more alarming is that, in the third and fourth quarters of this year, demand is going to surpass supply without any major political event going on (as it happened in 1973 and 1979). July of 2006 continues to be the month with most oil production recorded.

Thursday, June 07, 2007 CE

Middle Class Dismantling 101. (MDM 101)

The purpose of this course is to enable future aristocrats take active part in the destruction of the middle class. Middle classes, when they represent a significant percentage of the total population, create a pervasive environment that leads to common people acquiring positions of power that do not let hard working and smart individuals (and their offspring) achieve the power they deserve.

The course is directed to the young sons and daughters of the nascent aristocracy, who need to completely dismantle the decaying but still powerful middle class. It is an organized form of knowledge that will help in the building of the ideological backbone of the future aristocracy.

The syllabus of the course contains the following topics, which will be briefly described.

1. Democracy: The antithesis of Aristocracy.

The etymology of the words democracy and aristocracy is as follows. Demos is a Greek work for people. Kratia is the Greek word for government. As a summary, democracy is the government of the people. Aristos is a Greek work that means best. As a summary, aristocracy is the government of the best. Future aristocrats have to be completely convinced that they deserve to rule because they are the best of humankind. Why are they the best? Because they have inherited the power from a prior generation that was already the best and were educated to be the best. In addition, the common people usually are not well educated and lack the character for optimal decision-making. This is why aristocracy and democracy are opposites. The common cannot be the best.

2. The Corporation: The base of the Aristocracy

Corporations have to first make sure that they can have the same rights that people in a democracy. Once that is achieved, they have to grow accumulating always a greater proportion of the generated wealth than the common people. The future aristocrats will be always at the top of a corporation. A historical analogy can be made with the feudal system of the later Middle Ages. The lord of the manor (CEO) will provide protection to the peasants (workers) in exchange for loyalty. Achieving this, starting with a society with a large and strong middle class, with a two century old tradition of democracy should take a few generations, however, the goals have to be set up.

3. Destruction of democracy… using democracy!

As it was said before, the people lack optimal decision-making capacity. They will elect to office politicians based on charisma. They lack an intellectual framework that will be able to protect themselves and their offspring. The goal of this topic is to learn the tools that will enable the leaders who will destroy the middle class be elected. The process, once started cannot stop so if there is the risk of a setback in anyone of the electoral processes, mechanisms of fraud should be designed to avoid them, raising minimal suspicion. People tend to vote for candidates who show strength, who share beliefs in the supernatural with them and who are against “alternative lifestyles”. Fear, religion, ethnocentrism and homophobia should be exacerbated in electoral campaigns. It has to be taken into account that middle class people will be voting for their own destruction so electoral processes should always be taken seriously.

4. Socioeconomic tools for MDM

Once in power, measures that transport wealth from the common people to the best people should be implemented. Tax-cuts for the wealthy are essential. The unions have to be dismantled. Common people (95th percentile or less) should be more concerned about paying energy bills, medical bills and food than to save for a decent retirement. Once this is achieved things should go smoother since the energies of the common people will be concentrated in survival. Once this happens they will look for the new aristocracy for protection.

5. Educational tools for MDM

The educational system has to be reformed in a way that public education creates weaker children with useless knowledge. Fun has to be more important than intellect. In this way, superstition and fear will be able to be used more easily. Questioning should be discouraged. Socialism should become taboo. Established scientific theories should be placed at the same level with religious myths. A well educated middle class is the worst enemy of an aristocracy. The lessons from the French Revolution should not be forgotten. In other words, the Enlightenment should never happen again.

6. Why an Aristocracy?

The world of the future is a world in which energy will be scarce and wealth will be unevenly distributed. It is the right of the people with the best capabilities to rule and to guide the surviving common people to better grounds for survival of humanity.

By the end of the course the future young aristocrat will know how and why a middle class should be dismantled in order to establish a solid and stable aristocracy that will replace democracy as we know it.
Note from the author: For first visitors, I encourage to read the rest of my blog to get a feel of my real ideological positions. This post is intended to describe what kind of future is reserved if we let our precious middle class disappear.

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