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Saturday, December 18, 2004 CE


Today, the expected news about Celebrex finally came out. Vioxx collapsed a couple of weeks ago. Was it not logical that Celebrex would follow the same pathway? After all, they are drugs that work through the same mechanism. However, the corporation had to wait for a couple of weeks, to create a little bit more money. Did you see all those ads to promote Celebrex even after Vioxx had fallen? This only proves my theory that corporations are not only nationless, but humaneless. The glorius end-product of capitalism showed its real face. They will say: "there was no proof until now"

We are heading directly towards the global corporate state, the dream of Mussolini. Conservatives should join liberals in the struggle against fascism, as they did 63 years ago. They should not be part of Mussolini's dream.

The limitation of governmental power means the enslavement of people by the great corporations.

Theodore Roosevelt.


Blogger Puma said...

What got me today was the report on NPR describing how the makers of Celebrex don't actually plan on taking it off the market. I think the quote went something like: "Yeah sure it might kill you, but it also allows you to put on your shoes and socks in the morning!"

Folks working in advertising have sold their souls to the Devil.

3:20 AM  
Blogger Doctor Marco said...

They will remove it. Just wait a little bit, believe me.

7:47 AM  

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