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Friday, December 17, 2004 CE

Moments in history...1241 CE

This is the year in which the Western civilization was saved from destruction. The Mongols had subdued Russia and the areas corresponding to modern Poland and Hungary. They were determined to go west. The Western civilization was struggling to leave behind the Middle Ages. It was no match for the Mongolian armies, probably the most ferocious warriors in the history of mankind. Ogedei Khan, the son of Gengis, suddenly died in Karakorum, Mongolia on December 11, 1241. Batu Khan, the leader of the European expedition was forced to go back to Mongolia for political purposes. Western Europe was spared.

The question is. What would have happened if the Mongols complete the invasion of Europe in 1241? Based on their records of destruction of their conquered territories, probably the Western civilization would have suffered a major setback. This would have meant the prolongation of the Dark Ages far beyond the dates we currently handle. Internet, computers?... Probably not in the 20th century. The Chinese might have reached America before the Europeans. I do not know and there is no way of knowing.

My point is that a single event can change history. We can always create events, and their significance is not known at the moment they are created. It is always worth to fight for what we believe. We might be making history.


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