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Monday, May 16, 2005 CE

South American independence

It looks as if South America is taking its first steps towards becoming an independent group of nations. Throughout our history, many global powers have influenced our politics and have not made the pathway towards economic wealth an easy one. There is one truth about this. If you leave South America alone, it leans left immediately. The reasons for that are probably the existence of a highly educated middle class and a deep resentment in the poorer classes towards the elite.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I may be short changing you some by directing my comments to the PP blog that you contribute to. I find your posts at PP very interesting and have commented there. I'd be glad to respond here if you desire.


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Blogger Doctor Marco said...


Thanks for your interest. I always value your smart opinions also. I dont mind if you answer in PP or in here. Actually, if it is not too much to ask, leave a copy in both. In that way, I will keep MS, alive and I will help PP's growth

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That was funny

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